I-O Data's HDMC-U series: up to 12GB of waterproof disk


Someday goldfish will desire 12GB of disk. Until then, I-O Data’s HDMC-U series of waterproof disks are all yours. These 1-inch drives feature a waterproofiness in waters as deep as 1-meter and can withstand the shock of being dropped from as high as 122-centimeters. Something you’ll be thankful for when the robofish rise from the waters like our carbon based ancestors. The perimeter of the shell is surrounded by a rubberized USB cable which offers both bounce and a jack at-the-ready for your computer. On sale in Japan starting mid-December in either 8GB / 12GB capacities for ¥16,485 / ¥22,050 which translates to about $142 / $190.

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